"Survivor" Law Enforcement Memorial Day Tribute Song by Dave Bray

Dave Bray is a longtime friend of the FOP and all of law enforcement. He absolutely knocks it out of the park with his new tribute song. Thanks, Dave, for your support and all you do for our nation's heroes!!! 

SURVIVOR - by Dave Bray

The story of the song “SURVIVOR”:

It all started with a request from a widow... I’ll never forget the sound that I heard or the emotions that I felt coming from the audience as I performed ‘Last Call’ at the National POLICE Memorial for Fallen LEO’s and their Families in DC.

It was the first time that I ever truly felt the healing power of my music in such an appropriate and genuine setting.

I was asked to play one song, and as the bells tolled in the beginning of that song, it was obvious to the many who had never heard the intro to Last Call that it was a tribute song for their lost loved ones. But once the realization set in that the song was written from the perspective OF that Fallen LEO, and that the words of this song we’re representing that Fallen Officers’ last words back to THEM...everything changed...

“Tell my wife I Love her...and that I won’t be home tonight...”

I immediately felt what was once a very heavy and unwavering cloud of grief begin to change...It was like being in the eye of a storm or feeling a sudden rush of cold air that hits your face on a scorching hot day. As I looked out over the sea of greiving family members and the backdrop of Washington, DC from the stage, I could feel a physical and emotional weight that was being lifted off of them.

"Tell her I'll be waiting...after she makes it through it all...

This is my Last Call..."

The Families, who had up to that point held their composure, began to emotionally release that grief they had been holding onto as the words to the song continued and their tears began to flow....

“Tell my children that I Love them...oh yes their Daddy always Loved them so...”

The Children in the audience strongly embraced their parents and the elders in the audience held them tightly as I sang...

“For those who served beside me...And who held that Thin Blue Line...”

“Stand tall Stand Strong...And hold your head up high!”

The Fallen Hero of the song refers to His Brothers and Sisters in Blue and at that point I felt grief removed by a sense of duty and pride by those who were wearing the uniform in the heat of that day.

They were no longer just listening to the song...they were hearing it.

These “Survivors” had all just lost someone very special to them...Someone very close...and on that day, they allowed me, a complete stranger, to sing a song for them that many of them had never heard as they all came together to mourn.

They allowed me to pay my respects and show my appreciation for the sacrifices that have been made by their loved ones for my Freedom and for the Civility that protects my family.

Finally, they allowed me the greatest honor that a musician could ever ask from an audience...to not just listen to the artist, but to truly HEAR what that artist is trying to convey...one step farther, they felt it, and allowed the words to my song "Last Call" to help them to heal...

Until that point, I had never felt so blessed to take the stage and offer my craft as I did that day and for that audience...

After the Memorial ended, I shook the hands of every Survivor I could that day...We prayed, we hugged and we cried together... Finally, one of the widows of a fallen Police Officer had waited patiently to say hello...she offered me her thanks and simply made one request...

“Please write a song from us...the Survivors...to them”

I promised I would...

I hope this song “SURVIVOR”s finds your hearts and helps you to heal the loss you feel as you continue through life...

Our strongest prayers will forever continue for those who have lost their loved ones in BLUE...We are forever indebted for the service and sacrifice that your families have had to make for the civility of this Nation.

Please take the time to visit his website. You'll find booking info. Song info. and Merchandise. Click here: Dave Bray USA 

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