Letter to Executive Director of the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Directors

April 10, 2020

To: Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials (CALPHO) 

Re: COVID-19 Dispatch Notification Policies and Procedures

We are writing to you today to request that each of your Local Public Health Agency (LPHA) members enact a policy for information sharing with the first responders in their communities related to COVID-19 cases. We greatly appreciate the difficult work that LPHAs are doing for their communities during this unprecedented time. First responders are facing many similar challenges and are unable to practice social distancing measures or work from home during the course of fulfilling their duties. We understand that many LPHAs are already working closely with their local first responders to provide them with this critical information related to known and probable cases when responders are dispatched on calls to those locations, and strongly urge those that are not yet doing so to begin.

Given the significant shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the state, first responders must be judicious in the use of this equipment. Access to this important COVID-19 information is a crucial tool that allows first responders to protect themselves and their communities during this time. We commend those LPHAs that are working to ensure this information is shared safely and confidentially to achieve these goals. Garfield County Public Health Agency has developed the attached policy, which we feel offers an excellent model for other LPHAs to adopt based on the unique challenges present and resources available in their own counties.

If LPHAs would like to connect with their local public safety professionals to discuss any existing or pending policies, please contact Amy Nichols, Executive Director of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, at [email protected] or (303)229-4460.

We look forward to our continued work together to fight this crisis and welcome any opportunities to collaborate on creative solutions in doing so.

Thank you,

Stephen Schulz President

Colorado Fraternal Order of Police

Letter co-signed by presidents of DPPA, CPFFA, EMSA, CPPA

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Letter to Executive Director of the Colorado Association of Local Public Health Directors

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