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Protecting Public Safety and Health

As the coronavirus continues to affect nearly every aspect of our lives, law enforcement is on the front lines nationwide, rising to the challenge of protecting and serving our communities while working to stay safe ourselves. The FOP is committed to supporting our brothers and sisters in blue by keeping them informed and updated on the latest news on this evolving situation. We will fight this pandemic together and win. We are FOP strong.

COVID-19 Activity Updates

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Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with staff in the office of Senator Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT) about the need for legislation to amend the Law Enforcement Officers’... Read More

Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson spoke with minority staff of the House Judiciary Committee about the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) program and pending... Read More

The National Legislative Office provided FOP members with information, released by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), regarding Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd’s... Read More

The National Legislative Office provided FOP members with information released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). To view this information, please click here. Read More

COVID-19 Message From President Patrick Yoes

COVID-19 is affecting each of us in different ways but we all play a part in reducing its spread and defeating this virus! Rest assured, together, we will prevail!

The Fraternal Order of Police is committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.

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