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State of Colorado Major Testing Announcement
Major Testing Announcement Today, Governor Polis announced that Colorado now has the supplies, the testing sites, and the capacity to test anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19, as well as all health care workers, all senior care facility workers, all first responders, and all essential workers who directly interact with the public...

The most recent Standing Resolution of the Grand Lodge provides that the National FOP President and Vice President will appoint a U.S. Presidential Screening Committee. This has been done. The Colorado FOP is very proud to announce that Colorado State FOP President Stephen Schulz has been selected to serve on the National FOP’s Presidential Screening Committee. PROCESS Our State and local lodges, of course, will make decisions about races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representative...

Fraternal Order of Police COVID-19 Information for Law Enforcement
Protecting Public Safety and Health Home About News COVID-19 Activity Updates FOP Legislative News Washington Watch Legislative Updates COVID-19 Line-of-Duty Deaths Policies Legal Counsel Wellness Resources Articles Videos Contact Been Exposed? Are You Sick? Been Exposed? Are You Sick? Facebook Twitter Instagram As the coronavirus continues to affect nearly every a...

CALL FOR ACTION!! Brothers & Sisters, In 2014 the Colorado General Assembly established a Governor’s Task Force co-chaired by the FOP, to take testimony and examine the impact of PTSD on police officers. Some of the findings of that task force were subsequently enacted into law, the most notable being a change in Workers’ Comp coverage recognizing peace officer PSTD and mental trauma as a work-related injury in most situations. And in 2017, the Colorado FOP assisted in the creation an...

"Survivor" Law Enforcement Memorial Day Tribute Song by Dave Bray
Dave Bray is a longtime friend of the FOP and all of law enforcement. He absolutely knocks it out of the park with his new tribute song. Thanks, Dave, for your support and all you do for our nation's heroes!!!  SURVIVOR - by Dave Bray The story of the song “SURVIVOR”: It all started with a request from a widow... I’ll never forget the sound that I heard or the emotions that I felt coming from the audience as I performed ‘Last Call’ at the National POLICE Memorial for F...

Campgrounds reopening at Colorado state parks by reservation only
Gov. Jared Polis said on Monday that campgrounds at Colorado state parks will reopen Tuesday. The campgrounds are open by reservation only through Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Host counties can refuse to open parks if they are not ready, Polis said. During an afternoon press conference on Monday, Polis said "the danger was never really the camp ground itself" and asked people to avoid patronizing businesses in the areas where they would be camping. Read Full Article - Click Here

National FOP Congressional Local Funding Request
Dear Madam Speaker, Senators McConnell and Schumer and Representative McCarthy, I am writing on behalf of the members of the Fraternal Order of Police to urge Congress to quickly craft legislation to provide critical funding to local and State governments, which are expected to experience severe revenue shortages that will impact the ability of these governments to deliver services, including vital public safety services. The FOP wrote to President Trump and this Congress in early Marc...

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