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July 18, 2019

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Law Enforcement Officer Family Tragedy - Please Help If You Can.
Updated On: Dec 05, 2018

Please help this brother and his family if you can.  The medical costs and funeral expenses have overwhelmed this family and they are in desperate need of financial assistance. 


What happened?

After working from 5 P.M. the evening of November 18, 2019 into the early morning of 3 A.M. Monday November 19, 2018, Chaffee County Deputy Joey Lemley arrived home. At approximately 4 A.M. Deputy Joey Lemley took his pregnant wife Amber Lemley to the local hospital because she was having trouble breathing.

Amber’s doctor was watching her for pre-eclampsia in the weeks before, and had informed the Lemley’s if Amber had that problem to go to the Emergency Room. Amber’s doctor had not diagnosed her with pre-eclampsia yet because Amber had not had really high blood pressure yet, but she did have all the other signs.

After being evaluated at the Emergency Room, Amber was admitted to be induced because of pre-eclampsia.  The doctor came and told Deputy Lemley and his wife that the plan was to have the baby naturally. Unless there were signs of distress from their unborn son or Amber, at which time the hospital would do a C section to deliver their unborn son.

The hospital gave Amber medication to speed up the labor. Amber started to have contractions, but was still not dilating. Amber started having too many strong ongoing contractions, so the hospital gave her a shot with some medication to slow down the labor. Amber’s labor continued to keep speeding up causing her more intense pain, but Amber was still not dilating. As things progressed Amber and the hospital staff believed that her water had broken.

The nurse that was on duty informed Deputy Lemley and Amber that Amber would need to have the baby right away. Amber was still only dilated to a 1 and still showed no signs of progress dilating. After hours and hours of horrible pain, pushing, and trying to have their unborn son with no medication; Amber started having intense chest pains. Amber could not move or breathe well and the hospital staff could not determine the cause.

Deputy Lemley and Amber’s unborn son’s heart beat was supposed to be being monitored by a medical device that the medical staff put in their unborn son’s head through Amber’s body. The doctor began checking why Amber was having chest pains; only to discover that Deputy Lemley and Amber’s unborn son had died at some point during the labor process, and the heart beat that the Lemley’s had been hearing was actually Amber’s. Amber was bleeding internally from her uterus blowing apart, and that is why she was having the severe chest pain.

Deputy Lemley and Amber were told their unborn son was dead. Amber was then rushed to the OR to have their unborn son removed. Amber woke up a day later at UC Health Memorial in Colorado Springs and discovered she was flown by helicopter that night, and had been operated on again. UC Health Memorial had to reopen Amber’s stomach to repair her cervix and cleaned up some more blood that was left behind from her first surgery to remove their unborn son. Amber was in ICU with a breathing tube and in an induced coma for a short time.

Deputy Lemley and family traveled to UC Health Memorial by vehicle, and were informed upon their arrival that Amber had been taken in for the other surgery. Deputy Lemley stayed by his wife for several days with little to no sleep, in fear that he could lose her too. When Amber awoke she had to be told where she was and had to relearn that she and Deputy Lemley’s second son Connor Mark Scott Lemley did in fact not survive, and that her family had almost lost her as well.

Amber was kept in ICU for 2 1/2 days and then moved to a women’s section of the hospital where she was closely monitored for 5 more days. Amber is in the 10% of women that actually survive a situation like this. Amber has finally returned home and is physically getting better each day. The Lemley family is now dealing with the fact they returned home without their little boy and little brother.

Services for Connor Mark Scott Lemley were held on November 29, 2018 at 11 A.M. As you can imagine there is a great deal of expense on the family for the funeral of Connor Mark Scott Lemley, the initial various surgeries and care for Amber, and the ongoing care that Amber has to have over the next few months.

How you can help:

An account has been made for the Lemley Family at the High Country Bank here in Chaffee County. If you would like to donate to help the family through this difficult time you can send check or money orders to:

High Country Bank at P.O. Box 1882 Buena Vista, Colorado. Please make the checks or money orders out to the Benefit for the Billy Joe Lemley Family.

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